The British Sugarcraft Guild & The Queen’s Replica Wedding Cake Restoration Project

The original (left) & the newly completed replica (right) of the Peek Frean Queen’s Wedding Cake recreated by members of The British Sugarcraft Guild.
Members of The British Sugarcraft Guild at one of the many workshops held across the UK, working on the decorative pieces for the new replica cake.
3D laser scanning of one of the delicate side panels at WMG, University of Warwick
Members of The British Sugarcraft Guild construction team stacking the part completed cakes in the Peek Frean Museum.

Our two-year journey to restore the royal wedding cake is now complete!

It was a journey which began in July 2015 with a phone call to The British Sugarcraft Guild national office from the ‘keeper of the Peek Frean museum’.

It ended with The British Sugarcraft Guild Queen’s Cake Committee and its National Administrator at the museum for the final assembly, during the week commencing 23rd October. The impressive six tier cake was finally completed and assembled in October 2017, just in time for the celebrations of the royal couple’s platinum anniversary.

A brief history:

In 1947, Peek Frean made one of the wedding cakes for the then Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. At the time the company made a full size replica of the cake which was proudly displayed in the reception of Peek Frean’s headquarters in Bermondsey for 30+ years, and subsequently at a museum following the closure of the company in the late 1980’s.

During a change over of premises in 2015, vandals gained access to the museum and destroyed the replica cake. What remained of the cake was then moved to the current museum site and The British Sugarcraft Guild came to the rescue…