BSG hierarchyThe BSG HIERARCHY is formed of Guild Members.

All roles are up for election every two years.

Honorary President – Figurehead of the Guild, elected by the membership due to their years of service to the Guild. Upholds the Guild Constitution.  Attends 4 National Committee Meetings per year  to put across the views of the members, but has no vote. Regularly invited to undertake representative and presentational tasks at events.

Executive Officers – Consists of 4 personnel who hold the positions of National Chairperson, National Vice Chairperson, National Treasurer and National Secretary.  All are elected by the membership. Roles are to uphold the Guild Constitution and collectively manage the Guild on a day-to-day basis.  This includes attending 4 National Committee Meetings per year.  Consider and act upon the views of the membership in the best interests of the Guild.  All Executive Officers carry a vote with the exception of the National Chairperson, who will only cast a deciding vote should it be required.  Responsible for organising the BSG stand and promotions at other exhibitions, in addition to running any national skills schools.

National Committee – Elected by the membership.  Roles are to uphold the Guild Constitution. Consider and act upon the views of the membership in the best interests of the Guild.  Carries out roles such as Individual and International Representative, Publicity and Advertising, Cygnet Representative and any other roles deemed appropriate/necessary.  All carry a vote.  Attend 4 National Committee Meetings per year. Assist at BSG exhibitions and Guild stand at other exhibitions.

Ex-Officio Roles – Upholds the Guild Constitution, Attends 4 National Committee Meetings per year. Carries out the roles of Editor of the Newsletter, Chairperson of Demonstrator Training Committee, Chairperson of Judges Comnmittee and Regional Representatives Chairperson.  All carry no vote. Report back to National committee re their roles, assist with BSG exhibitions and Guild stand at other exhibitions.

Regional Representatives – There are 7 geographical regions within the BSG.  Each Region has a maximum of 3 elected members  who are available to offer advice to branches, oversee the opening of new branches, organise fund raising for the regions with events such as exhibitions, workshops and skills schools.  They also arrange 2 Regional Meetings with representatives from the branches and individuals within their region.  The aim of such is to answer any questions, and give advice and guidance to branches.  They attend 2 National Regional Representatives meetings where they feed back this information to Regional Representatives Chairperson, one meeting is in April and the other October.

MEMBERS – These are the most important people within the British Sugarcraft Guild, and fit into 4 categories.

Branch Members – Members of the Guild, who have also joined a local branch.

Individual Members – Members who do not live close to a branch or feel they are unable to attend or contribute to a branch on a regular basis.

International Members – These are members of the Guild who live outside the United Kingdom.

Cygnets – Members under the age of 18 years old.

It is from the Membership that, Committees, Demonstrators, Judges, Regional Representatives, Branch Committees and Exhibition Committees are all formed/elected. Everybody gives their time freely and does not receive payment for their work. They may however be entitled to travel expenses.