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Sugarcraft Galleries – Be Inspired…

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• Please feel free to take a look through our galleries, which we will hope will inspire you, giving you some wonderful ideas for your creations. By clicking on the gallery links, you will be able to view the impressive work of our members.

• The galleries are sub-divided into regional pages where local exhibitions or events are shown. Photos from demonstrators and students are shown in the Skills School Gallery. Photos from the International Exhibition will be updated in stages. Lastly we have the members’ gallery which is divided into mediums.

gallery montageYou could have your creations featured within our website members galleries!

• If you would like to submit a single photo for one of the members galleries – please email this to National Office with your membership number, type of membership e.g Individual, International or Branch name, plus include a very short description of what the piece was created for.

Ideal sizes and dimensions: Image files should be 50kb -250kb file size with dimensions not exceeding 1024px in any direction. Please send these as: JPEG, GIF or PNG files.

• Members gallery photos will be updated every 3 months around the time that the British Sugarcraft newsletter is published: March, June, September and December.

• Should you wish to have the regional photos updated, please contact your regional reps.

All images copyright British Sugarcraft Guild. Please do not use without the owners permission.