BSG Cygnets (Under 18’s)

cygnets logoSome of our Branches run children’s groups known as Cygnets; where children and young adults up to the age of 18 can learn different cake decorating techniques.

You can view the list of participating branches at the foot of this page.

Our leaders and helpers are volunteers who are DBS checked, hence we only have branches where people are willing to give their time.  If you are unable to attend a branch locally, then provided you are being taught by a member of the BSG, whether it be a teacher or family member, then you can still become a Cygnet and will fall into the category of Individual Cygnet Member.

Lianne Noye is a member of the National Committee and the National Cygnet Representative. She produces a National Cygnets newsletter, which is emailed out to the leaders or individual cygnet members to keep them updated as to what is happening in the Guild. If you have any skills files or branch photos that you wish to be included in the cygnet newsletter, or if your branch wishes to open a Cygnet group or have more helpers CRB checked, then please contact Lianne, or your Regional Cygnet Representative. Their details can be found in the BS News, or they can be contacted via the Contact Us link on the menu bar, top right.

To become a Cygnet member of the British Sugarcraft Guild, the cost is just £1.50 per year.  For those Cygnets belonging to a Branch, additional fees will be charged and vary from group to group, but is an average cost of £4.50.  Occasionally an extra fee may be requested for materials. The meetings last approximately 2 hours.

Most groups have equipment that can be borrowed until you decide whether you wish to continue.

The following items can be useful as Christmas and Birthday presents – it is nice to have your own:

• Work box (to keep your equipment in)
• Apron
• Non stick rolling board 7” size
• Non stick rolling pin
• Ball tool
• Dresden tool
• Paint brushes
• Sharp knife (depending on the age of child)
• Cocktail sticks

As you get more experienced you may want piping tubes/nozzles and other items. Your leaders will recommend items that you will find useful.

For more information please use our website contact page. Please include the group you are interested in visiting, your age and a contact phone number, so that we may put you in contact with your the appropriate Cygnet leader.

Click the button below to view a .pdf list of participating Branches (last updated 13/10/16)