BSG Members Testimonials

Pat Ashby – National President 2012 – 2014

“The BSG gives you a welcome opportunity to meet like minded people to share and extend your knowledge. The exhibitions, competitions and training sessions that the Guild organises enables this process to blossom and therefore brings satisfaction and delight to all who are involved, including students, teachers, organisers, judges, demonstrators and demonstration watchers.

A welcome spin off is the interaction with similar groups overseas where we can all marvel and learn about the ingenuity of human fingers.”

Elaine Thomas – Individual Member – Region 6

“I’ve been a proud BSG individual member for 8 years now and in that time I have been welcomed into and become, part of a generously unique community of sugarcrafters. No matter how young or old you are, whether you’re a novice or fully skilled the ‘guild’ is a fantastic place to gain support, source information and make great friends!”

Eddie Spence MBE – Region 8

“The British Sugarcraft Guild means a great deal to me I have made many wonderful friends from all over the world who love Sugarcraft almost as much as I do. I enjoyed my time as President it was a great honour . I continue to demonstrate, judge, open exhibitions and do workshop when my schedule allows.

I would not have be awarded my MBE or Lifetime Achievement Award without the guild . I encourage anyone with an interest in Sugarcraft to become a member , attend meetings , demonstrations and workshops as no matter your age you are never too old to learn.”

Annette Davis – Region 5 – Soon to be Regional Reps Chairperson

“An organisation that has introduced me to a truly worldwide group of people who share the same love and enthusiasm for all things cake and sugarcraft.”

Linda Garnham – Judge & Demonstrator – Region 7

“As a member of the British Sugarcraft Guild for over 20 years, I have met many wonderful sugarcrafters and have learnt a great deal through the sharing of a vast range of skills and knowledge.”

Sheila Richardson – Huddersfield Branch – Region 2

“I feel our group benefit from learning from each other and enjoy the social side of the Guild”

Pat Russell – Birmingham Branch Member – Region 4

“I love to attend and help at BSG exhibitions as I don’t think there is anything to compare with our themed display tables. Working together on group displays for exhibitions gives members an opportunity to experiment and develop sugarcraft skills in a supportive and friendly environment.”