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Currently the BSG offer our members the following services:

• Demonstrators
• Judges
• Insurance (UK Members)

Demonstrations are an important part of BSG Branch activities and provide entertainment and instruction at Branch meetings.

We have a demonstrator training scheme for training and accrediting demonstrators. The scheme’s aim is to give help and guidance on demonstration techniques to Guild members who already have good sugarcraft skills, so that they may improve their demonstration techniques and have confidence when demonstrating to BSG Branches. Training seminars are arranged when there are a sufficient number of applicants. The fee for registering for a seminar is £70.00. Upon accreditation and for each subsequent year, a demonstrator pays a fee of £15.00 from 2017 for their name and details to be included in the BSG’s Annual List of Accredited Demonstrators.

The demonstrator training scheme is organised by the Demonstrator Training Committee, which is a Standing Committee of the Guild. For an application form and information concerning dates & venues, please apply to the Committee’s Team Co-Ordinator Veronica Greig – e-mail: or


The BSG is very proud of the Panel of Judges, consisting of some 35 fully trained judges with a number still undergoing training at the present time. The Judges have a Standing Committee which oversees its affairs. The Judging System has been perfected over the years since the first Training Sessions were organised and the present system works very well. Our judges are very sought after by other organisations for their competitions. Unfortunately the BSG Judges do not judge at non BSG events.

judgesIn order to become a Judge you will need to have:

  1. Entered a minimum of 3 competitions at different BSG events which have used BSG judges.
  2. Enrolled in the Judging Training Scheme.
  3. Have been appointed as a fully Trained Judge.

Competitions at exhibitions that run under BSG Guidelines will be judged by BSG trained Judges. If you organise such an event and would like to use our Judges please contact the Chairman of the Judges Committee via the National Office. All dates for exhibitions have to booked and the date approved by the Chairman of the Judges Committee.

Competition guidelines are available from the National Office or can be purchased via our store


The Guild as an organisation has its own public liability policy which covers National Office and Guild responsibilities at venues used for branch meetings and exhibitions, but this does not include cover for members or visitors travelling to and from meetings or exhibitions. Branch officials can get relevant details from National Office. The Guild’s own policy does NOT cover any goods made, transported or sold by individual members or any aspects of a venue not being used for Guild purposes.

Public and Product Liability Insurance (for UK Members only)

The Guild has negotiated separate cover available to members who are pursuing sugarcraft as a part-time hobby, with a turnover of less than £8,500 per annum, through ADS Insurance Brokers Limited. This is available to Branch members through their Branch or to individual members through National Office. The policy is an ‘umbrella’ cover i.e. all members taking out the cover under the one policy.

The insurance year runs from 1st May to 30th April and the minimum insurance period is 1 year.


There are different levels of insurance available depending on the cover required. Prices range from £20.50 to £97.50 per annum.

UK MEMBERS ONLY - Public & Products Liability only

  • £20.50  £2 million cover
  • £31.50  £5 million cover

UK MEMBERS ONLY - Public & Products + all risks cake cover and money cover

  • £86.50  £2 million cover
  • £97.50  £5 million cover

Additional information about Insurance cover

You can join at any time, but the premium and renewal period remains the same. For full information including limitations to this cover please contact National Office

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Statement of Fact for insurance