The Queen’s Cake Project

Last year The British Sugarcraft Guild was approached for help and has agreed to recreate a replica of Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding cake – originally created by Peek Frean in 1947 for her marriage to Prince Phillip. 

The original cake was delivered to Buckingham Palace in a specially modified car, which was driven at walking pace to avoid damage. Peek Frean made a full size replica which was displayed in the reception of Peek Frean’s factory and remained there until 1989 when the factory was closed.

A permanent exhibition about the company was opened in south east London, and the replica cake was a part of that exhibition. During a change of premises, the cake was considered too large, delicate and expensive to move so was left in the empty building until other arrangements could be made.

Sadly in July 2015 squatters gained access to the vacated building during the night, broke the display casing and dismantled parts of the cake, re-assembled it upside down and threw red paint over the whole display. What remains has now been moved to a safe place.

The museum staff would like to have the cake restored to the museum in time for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s 70th wedding anniversary in November 2017.

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There are many of our members out there who have a love of royal icing. It is our wish that any members who wish to participate in the recreation of this historic cake should be able to take part in this wonderfully exciting and unique project.

Queen's Cake after vandalism (July 2015)
Carolyn inspecting the damage
Judy, Judith and Jan measuring up
Princess Elizabeth's Wedding Cake - Front View
Queen's Cake Sponsors

Each BSG Region has been designated a tier of the cake and workshop days are being organised where members can participate in recreating the replica.

We have created an event on the BSG Facebook page where you can find updates on our progress.