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about-cakeAbout the BSG

The British Sugarcraft Guild (BSG) was inaugurated officially on 17th March 1981 by a number of enthusiastic cake decorators who were united firmly by their love of the art of sugarcraft.

With a swan and its reflection as a logo, a Newsletter for new members and its motto ‘My Craft is my Art’ the British Sugarcraft Guild was born.

The aims and objectives of the Guild are to:

• Promote and stimulate interest in sugarcraft
• Share knowledge
• Develop talent
• Improve standards

Why should I join the British Sugarcraft Guild?

Over 4,000 Members already benefit from the following:

1. The British Sugarcraft News – You will receive quarterly editions of The British Sugarcraft News which covers reports on events and has an ‘Exhibition Diary’ that publishes forthcoming sugarcraft and allied events. It is designed to keep you informed about what is happening in the Guild.

It has skills pages and also details business matters along with other issues, to keep the members updated. We publish contributions not only from members who live in the British Isles, but from our International Members as well. This publication can only be as good as the contributions made to it, so keep your articles, photos and skills files coming in!

Please email FAO the Editor if you have something to offer: nationaloffice@bsguk.org

You can buy past issues of the British Sugarcraft News; please email us to find out what is available: nationaloffice@bsguk.org

Branch Demonstrations2. Local Branch Events – There are over 100 branches throughout the country. Most meet on a regular basis and it’s a way to meet new and old friends. In addition to meeting people, most branches invite a demonstrator to come along and demonstrate a number of skills or tasks.

It’s a great way to learn new skills and techniques and learn tips and tricks to make your hobby more enjoyable. Who knows you may even want to get up and do a demonstration yourself – you could be that inspired! Click here to find your nearest branch

3. Events – The Guild has many events throughout the year & encourages its members to get involved actively. This meeting of minds gives you a great opportunity to meet with like minded individuals who share the love of sugarcraft. Don’t worry if you think that your skills aren’t good enough. Our members range from complete beginners through to professionals.

Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to:

• See stunning and creative displays of sugarcraft produced by members
• Meet with fellow members
• Swap ideas and discuss the latest fashions in sugarcraft, themes and techniques
• See the latest tools, products and books from suppliers

4. Discounts – Enjoy the benefit of discounts at some sugarcraft (supply shops) retailers. We do not keep a list but some advertise this on their websites and it is always worth asking.

5. Insurance – We can offer our members savings on insurance