Announcing The British Sugarcraft Guild’s

40th Anniversary ‘Ruby Sugarcraft’ Competition


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The British Sugarcraft Guild, we’re thrilled to announce an exciting national competition taking place in 2021.

All members are invited to enter our special anniversary Ruby Sugarcraft competition, heats for which will be held at each of the BSG’s regional Cake and Sugarcraft Shows in 2021.


Exhibits at each regional show will be marked by an expert team of BSG judges using our industry respected marking criteria developed over the last 40 years. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Highly Commended and Commended awards will be presented on the day along with feedback comments from the judges.

All the Gold awards from each regional show will go straight through to the grand finale to be presented at the BSG’s Annual Representatives’ Meeting in October. There will be special runner-up prizes for each of the highest scoring exhibits from each regional show and the exhibit with the highest percentage score across all shows will be crowned the ‘Ultimate Winner’.


PLUS! Don’t forget to take a look at the exciting competition schedules for each of the BSG regional shows and see what other competition classes you could take part in! Download your copy today from the BSG website.


    • Date TBC – BSG Region 2: North England at Knaresborough
    • Saturday 8th May – BSG Region 8: South East at Ardingly
    • Saturday 12th June – BSG Region 1: Scotland & Northern Ireland at Kincardine
    • Sunday 11th July – BSG Region 5: Wales & The West at Newport
    • Saturday 25th September – BSG Region 7: Chiltern Hills & East Anglia at Ware

40th Anniversary ‘Ruby Sugarcraft’ Competition: Class Schedule


An exhibit with the theme ‘Ruby’ made in any edible medium of the competitor’s choice. This could be a cake, model, or floral exhibit.

Ribbons, stamens, thread, wires, and floristry tape are allowed, as are dummies, food grade supports, and non-edible mediums for floral display such as StaySoft etc. 

Exhibits may be displayed on boards or in containers as the competitor wishes. There is no size limit or height restriction for the exhibit, but competitors must indicate the base size on the entry form. 

Competitors should state all the medium(s) used on a card placed by the exhibit.

The class will be marked using the BSG criteria for Open class level.

Competition Rules

The British Sugarcraft Guild

40th Anniversary ‘Ruby Sugarcraft’ Competition

  • The competition is organised using The British Sugarcraft Guild’s ‘Guidelines for Competitors’ booklet (Edition 3 September 2020). The guidelines are available to purchase in the BSG online store: (Every BSG branch has a copy for reference.)
  • Competitors should read the schedule and rules carefully to ensure that their entry complies with ALL the requirements.
  • Any queries should be forwarded to the Competition Secretary, Estelle Mann, via BSG National Office: Email:


  1. This competition is open to British Sugarcraft Guild members only.
  2. One entry per competitor at each regional show, but the competitor may enter new, original exhibits at as many regional shows as they wish.
  3. Competitors will need to hold a valid general admission ticket to the regional show that they have entered the competition at.
  4. Entry form and fees MUST reach the Competition Secretary by the following CLOSING DATES:
      • BSG Region 2 Sugarcraft Day, Knaresborough (to be added in when more info comes available).
      • BSG Region 8 South East Show, Ardingly – Monday 24 April 2021
      • BSG Region 1 Exhibition, Kincardine (to be added in when more info comes available).
      • BSG Region 5 Exhibition, Newport – Sunday 7 February 2021
      • BSG Region 7 Exhibition, Ware – Friday 11 September 2021
  5. Certificates will be awarded within the Open Class marking bands in accordance with the BSG Guidelines for Competitors. ‘Best in Class’ will not be awarded on the day – all the Gold award winning entries will be taken forward to the Grand Final to take place at the BSG Annual Representatives’ Meeting on Saturday 16 October 2021, when the entry with the highest overall mark will be announced. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the Judges’ Committee will have the casting vote.
  6. The use of feathers or metallic cake jewellery is not permitted on any exhibit.
  7. Sharp objects such as pins or wires must not pierce the surface coating of a cake or dummy. A food grade posy pick or similar must be used. Safety seal is not acceptable without the use of a posy pick.
  8. Gold, Silver, or any other metallic colour/dust/glitter must be edible, and this must be stated on the packaging. Any such colour that is used must be supplied (with the packaging if ‘edible’ is not stated on the pot itself) in an envelope marked with the competitor number only and placed alongside the exhibit.  If such colours are used and not supplied, the exhibit will be deemed ‘Not to Schedule’ and marks will not be awarded. (N.B. Rolkem colours are not edible.)
  9. Competitors must be aware of International Copyright, particularly when modelling, to ensure that exhibits are not direct copies of copyright images, cartoons, or figures.
  10. All exhibits must be the original, unaided work of the competitor. The components must not have been used either as a whole or in part at any previous competition, or have been published, either in print or on social media.
  11. Identity labels will be issued on the day. These should be fastened to the front and base of the exhibit. No entry should display the name of the competitor.
  12. The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of exhibits which may occur.
  13. The decision of the judges is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  14. The organisers have the right to use photographs they have taken of competitors’ items for publicity and non-commercial purposes. Competitors should not publish any photographs of any of the exhibits on any social media before the close of the show.
  15. Exhibits may not be removed from the competition area before the advertised closing time of the show.