Insurance 2024/25 – Option 2 with £2M cover


*** Please note, you MUST be a member of the BSG to take out this insurance cover ***

Sugarcrafters Insurance giving Public & Products Liability cover PLUS All Risks Cake cover from 1st May 2024 to 30th April 2025 at £2 million.

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*** Please note, you MUST be a member of the BSG to take out this insurance cover ***

Sugarcrafters Insurance from 1st May 2024 to 30th April 2025 - Option 2 - £2 million cover

This is our option 2 sugarcraft insurance giving Public & Products Liability cover PLUS All Risks Cake cover from 1st May 2024 to 30th April 2025 at £2 million level at a cost of £83.50 inclusive of non-refundable £7.00 BSG admin fee on cancelation of insurance.


Commencement of cover is 1st May 2024, and the policy expires in all cases on 30th April 2025.

By purchasing this insurance product, you are declaring that to the best of your knowledge and belief that all the statements in the Statement of Facts (see below) are true and complete.

Arranged by ADS Insurance Brokers Ltd and underwritten by Ansvar Insurance, this preferential insurance scheme for BSG members is aimed specifically at hobby cake-makers and people who run a small sugarcraft business from home and sell their cakes via recommendation, advertising and at craft and wedding fayres.

It is noted that no member will be insured whose annual turnover from sugarcraft activities exceeds £12,000.

  • Public & Products Liability

This covers your legal liability to third parties (members of the public, individuals or organisations) for accidental injury to persons or damage to property arising out of your sugarcraft or cake making activities, including tuition (up to 10 students attending). Also insured is Products Liability which covers your legal liability to third parties arising out of products supplied and includes food poisoning. The standard limit of liability is £2m for both public & products liability but can be extended to £5m. The premium as detailed above includes insurance premium tax at the prevailing rate and administration charges.

  • All Risks Cover to your Cakes / Equipment

This will cover loss or damage to the cake/equipment whilst at home, at a venue or in transit in your own vehicle. The total sum insured will be £3,000 with a single item limit of £1,000. A £50.00 excess will apply to each and every claim. Cakes in transit must be carefully and reasonably packaged to prevent damage and there will be no cover for cakes left in an unattended vehicle. The premium for this cover as detailed above includes insurance premium tax at the prevailing rate and administration charges. All Risk Cover is only available as an addition to Public & Products Liability Cover and is not available on its own.

There are also options to add ‘Money Cover’ or to only have ‘Public & Products Liability Cover’ only. All options are available in our online store.

Important Notice to Policyholders

As a result of the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representation) Act 2012, you must now inform us immediately of anything which is incorrect, incomplete or omitted from the information originally provided by you and contained in the Statement of Fact, or any changes in your circumstances which may increase the possibility of loss, damage or liability covered by this policy.

A printed copy of the Statement of Fact and the change to the risk condition can be obtained by contacting: Colin James. ADS Insurance Brokers Limited Tel: 01992 636324 E Mail:


1) This Statement of Facts (‘SOF’) must be read in conjunction with the schedule and forms a record of the contract of insurance with you.

2) You agree to accept our normal form of policy wording for this class of business.

3) If the premium is to be paid by instalments our application form must be fully completed and received by us within 14 days of cover being incepted/renewed, otherwise payment by instalments will not be accepted by us.

4) You must carefully check all policy documentation and certificates and if there are any inaccuracies or omissions or if you have forgotten to tell us about something (material facts), then you must tell your insurance advisor immediately.

5) A material fact is one that might influence the acceptance by us of your request for insurance, or the assessment of the terms, exceptions and conditions required, or the amount of your insurance premium.

6) You are advised to keep a record of all information that you supply for this contract of insurance.

7) If you have failed to supply material facts which should be advised to us or supplied inaccurate information, then dependent upon the circumstances, we may reject a claim or void the policy i.e. treat it as though it had never been issued.

8) Any policy issued will be governed by the law of England unless your legally registered address is located in Scotland in which case the law of Scotland will apply. If there is any dispute as to which law applies it shall be English law.

9) We will communicate with you in English at all times.

10) Your insurance advisor will be regarded as your agent acting on your behalf, and not on behalf of Ansvar, in respect of any information that has been provided by them.

11) Ansvar’s (our/us/we) policy cover is underwritten by Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc.

Data Protection Act – use of your information Ansvar Insurance and its agents (we/us) will use your information to:

1) Administer your insurance policy by us, our agents, re-insurers and your intermediary.

2) Disclose it to solicitors, loss adjusters, service providers, regulators and ombudsmen as necessary.

3) Make, at our option, checks against publicly available information such as electoral roll, County Court Judgements, bankruptcy or repossessions to enable us to decide whether to offer insurance to you, the terms of such insurance, and to review any previous claims you have made.

Further details are available in our privacy policy on our website We may need to pass the email addresses we collect to other companies for administrative purposes only. We may use third parties to carry out certain activities, such as processing and sorting data, monitoring how you use our website, market research purposes and issuing our e-mails for us. Third parties will not be allowed to use your personal information for their own purposes.


1) You confirm that you or any director, partner, trustee or committee member in connection with any business or organisation, have not been:

  1. a) convicted, or charged with but not yet tried for, a criminal offence (any convictions spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act can be ignored), other than motoring offences
  2. b) the subject of any unsatisfied County Court Judgement, bankruptcy or insolvency, or been disqualified from holding a company directorship
  3. c) the subject of a prosecution, or notice of intended prosecution, under any health and safety at work, consumer protection or environmental legislation or investigation in the last three years by the Charity Commission, Revenue & Customs or any other regulatory body.

2) You:

  1. a) have not had any insurance contract cancelled or declared void, or renewal refused, or any special conditions imposed, due to breach of a policy condition, or due to non-disclosure or misrepresentation of a material fact, or due to claims or losses, or due to non-compliance with risk improvement requirements
  2. b) are not aware of any circumstances that might give rise to a claim
  3. c) have not had any claim(s) or loss(es) or incurred any liability, for any of the risks to be insured, within the last three years other than as notified to us prior to the inception of this policy.

3) You confirm that you do not have any assets, employees or representation outside of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man requiring cover under this policy.

4) You confirm that you comply with all statutory regulations, including those related to health and safety, product safety and environmental issues.

5) For liability cover, you confirm that:

  1. a) all hazardous activities, sports or pursuits (including fund-raising events) have been disclosed to us and specified in the policy or otherwise agreed by us in writing
  2. b) those treatments or professional services you require cover for have been disclosed to us and specified in the schedule
  3. c) you always ensure that established codes of practice and safety are complied with for such activities or work
  4. d) none of your activities involve any work on ships, offshore installations or at oil or gas refineries, chemical works or airports
  5. e) any sub-contract work firms operating under a contract for services for you have in force their own liability insurance which provides cover for their sub-contract activities
  6. f) any manual work undertaken away from your premises or any work abroad (other than clerical work while on a temporary visit abroad) has been disclosed to us and specified in the policy or otherwise agreed by us in writing.

6) For liability cover, in respect of any activities involving young people (under 18 years) or vulnerable adults:

  1. a) you comply with all statutory and other regulations imposed by any authority, and
  2. b) your protection policy is fully complied with at all times and is kept up to date

7) For products liability cover, you confirm that:

  1. a) no products have or will be incorporated into any aircraft, spacecraft, watercraft, mechanically propelled vehicles, gas, chemical, petrochemical or power generation plant
  2. b) you do not sell or supply medical, surgical, dental, pharmaceutical or therapeutic products
  3. c) no products are exported to the United States of America or Canada.